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    Liturgusa maya in the US :)!

    Adult female. This species is amazing looking!
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    Liturgusa maya in the US :)!

    it's right in the center! Hard to spot tho for sure!
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    Liturgusa maya in the US :)!

    Yes they are very well camouflaged. And yeah they are in FL, but they are very cryptic and very rarely spotted
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    Orchid mantids, along many other species!

    I'm posting for my friend Kyle at Roachcrossing, the website just got mantids in, prices are as follows: Hymenopus coronatus (Orchid Mantid) L3 $40/each. Parasphendale affinis (Kindred Budwing Mantid) L3-L5 $20/each. Parasphendale agrionina (Bratty Budwing Mantid) L3-L5 $20/each...
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    Liturgusa maya in the US :)!

    Finally got to have 3 Liturgusa maya! This is a parthnogenic bark roach species that gets to almost the same size as Florida bark mantids! Second pic is of a wild specimen in Florida. They were extremely hard to collect due to their insane camouflage! Hope I can get this awesome parthnogenic...
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    Neobarrettia spinosa (red eyed devil katydids for sale!)

    65/pair, 45/female (the female are likely mated) Discounts on multiples!!!
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    orchid bulk for sale, and Acanthops erosula available

    Orchids - 35 ea, 30 ea for 10, 25 ea for 20, 22ea for the whole hatch (45). Pm for details! Acanthops at 18 ea, 15 ea for 3+, and 12 ea for 10+. LAG on overnight (34 dollars) 2 day is 10 bucks Pickup available in New Rochelle NY!!!
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    Millipedes, Isopods, Warrior beetles, Scorpions, Predatory Katydids and many more!!! Cheap shipping!!!

    Millipedes: Trigoniulus corallinus ( scarlet millipedes ) 5 each or 10 for 40$ Anadenobolus monilicornis ( bumblebee millipedes ) 5$ each or 10 for 40$ Mix and match is available on group orders 🙂 -These make excellent cleaner crews if you want to go a bit untraditional with your bio-active...
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    Tamolanica tamolanica for sale in US!!! First in Hobby species!!!

    My Tamolanica tamolanica just had a huge hatch! This is a really neat species that looks like a mix between a dead leaf and shield mantis, and is as hardy as a shield! They haven’t ever entered the US hobby before until now! Shoot me a message if you are interested in this unique species! 25...
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    Orchid nymphs for sale!!! (sold out)

    Just had an orchid ooth hatch!!! so selling some nymphs, 40$ each, and very good deals on multiples!!! Please email me at: [email protected] for best response times
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    Shadow Roach Giveaway

    "delete if not allowed" Shadow Roach Giveaway now live!!!!! Less than SEVEN DAYS LEFT to enter!!! We are giving away a starter colony of 30+ mixed sizes of shadow roaches! They are a cool jet black pathogenic roach! I mean, just their name is awesome! And, shipping is on us! It's free to enter...
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    Isopod giveaway

    New Years Giveaway now live!!!!! To celebrate this new year, there is an isopod giveaway! We are giving away a starter pack of 4 types of Isopods!!! The list goes as- 12 A Vulgare “magic potion” US line 12 A maculatum “zebras” 12 P scaber “ lottery ticket “ 12 P laevis “ dairy cows” The entry to...
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    Very active invert server

    everyone was cause of a bad mod. Join here as I try to bring back the community
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    Very active invert server

    Join Bugtown at! It's a new invertebrate server I made since bug hub went down cause a mod went a little.... yeah. Feel free to join! see you there
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    Very active invert server

    Hi :). I’m a mod (Make all the jokes you want) in the invert discord bughub. It is a very active community with over 860 members and is constantly growing! It is very active with hundreds if not thousands of messages per day. It’s a great place to meet new people, sell/buy bugs, learn more about...