Millipedes, Isopods, Warrior beetles, Scorpions, Predatory Katydids and many more!!! Cheap shipping!!!


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Aug 12, 2020
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Michigan, USA

Trigoniulus corallinus ( scarlet millipedes ) 5 each or 10 for 40$

Anadenobolus monilicornis ( bumblebee millipedes ) 5$ each or 10 for 40$ Mix and match is available on group orders 🙂

-These make excellent cleaner crews if you want to go a bit untraditional with your bio-active cleaner crews!

0.0.6 Orthoporus ornatus (giant desert gold millipede) 12$ each

-These are the LONGEST millipedes in the US, these are from west Tx locale and sport a gorgeous gold color, with beautiful brown stripes contrasting it's shocking colors! If you want a giant millipede, just remember: everything is bigger in Texas!


P. scaber “lottery ticket” 12$ for 12+
-Tired of collecting isopod morphs and just want all of them in one basket? Lottery tickets are the way to go then. These semi-arid loving isopods come in almost all the scaber color morphs, and each new mancae is a surprise! Plus, you can separate the morphs out and breed out all the scaber lines with just one purchase!

Porcellionides Pruinosus (orange) 8$ for 12+

-These are very protein hungry isopods that make great cleaner crews for feeder colonies and select herps! (not suitable for tarantulas)

Porcellio laevis 12$ for 12+

- A hobby classic! Ever wanted a dairy farm but don't have space to own cows? Well, get a farm in a bin with these cuties!!! A diary farm has never been so afforable

A vulgare magic potion “Japan line” $70 for 12

-The colors of these cuties truly matches up to their name!!! A beautiful marble white with cute spots all over! A great pet to get your friends into the cuteness of bugs!!!


0.0.12 Centruroides vittatus (striped bark scorpion) 15$ each Sexed pair guarantees on groups of 3+

-Another classic bark scorpion species! They can live in large communals and is not as venomous as the Arizona bark scorpion!

0.02 Pseudouroctonus reddelli (Texas Cave Scorpion) 20$ each

-A dwarf species that reside under rocks in West Texas, they make a great desktop pet in a tiny display enclosure!!!


0.0.7 Warrior beetles 20$ each, take all for 15 each 

-The name don't do these great gladiators justice!!! They are known for taking down large scorpions and spiders! These long lived (3-5 years with good care) ground beetles are active feeders with a huge appetite! And are able to take down a variety of prey way larger than themselves (simply look up warrior beetles hunting and you'll see plenty of examples!) They are communal when well fed but will eat each other when food is scarce! Rarely offered and won't last long!!!!

Pediodectes sp (predatory katydids!!!!) 20$ each 

-These haven't been offered in the hobby for a while! They tend to jump onto prey and have an amazing takedown! A joy to own for anyone who enjoys predatory insects! And in my opinion way cuter than the red eyed devil katydid!!! 2 species within this genus available!!!! Please dm for specifics of each species! Very limited stock, though you are welcome to reserve future stock!

Orchid Mantis L1/2 40$ each, 30$ ea. for 10+

-Truely one of the most beautiful mantis in the hobby, they sit on the top of plants in the wild and mimics orchid flowers, to attract pollinators!!! These cute pink mantids make beautiful pets and are often swept off the shelves!!! Not many available! Limited stock!!!


half gallon of isopod/ millipede substate 9$

-These should last a small colony for a bit!

Calcium powder 3$

-only for isopods and millipedes, it allows them to better form their exoloskeleton

LAG policy: USA sales only. Shipping is usually Monday or Tuesday For none venomous insects shipping is: USPS Priority (1-3) days ranging from 8 -15$ USPS Express 34-36$ Many off the bugs offered is covered with LAG even with 3 day shipping!!!! Please dm me for specifics. In general, isopods and millipedes are covered with LAG with 3 day shipping! For venomous insects Fedex ground is 20$ Dm with zipcode for overnight quote!

Email [email protected] for faster response times!


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