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May 18, 2018
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Same with Cochise, she is a very friendly and calm mantis. My male is different. He is more scared I think and not a big eater.

She/He is so pretty! She/He looks like my Sphodromantis gastricas Hunter and Stitch. 

- MantisGirl13

I will try to post some more pics of my mantids on the forum. It is so fun to watch them run after prey. Mine are also definitely NOT ambush predators!

- MantisGirl13

Running after prey. I saw Flash doing that yesterday. But cricket was faster so I needed to grab the cricket again and put it before her. :p

@MantisGirl13, @Synapze I would love to see pics of your mantids. I enjoy seeing pictures about mantids and their story.

I just take them with my phone. I wish I had a better camera for better pics. When they are small like a L3 nice pics are hard to take. It is very hard tp take a pic of my creobroter, Yoda

I can't take very good pictures, unless I use my mom's camera, and I don't know how to navigate electronics well enough to download and post photos!

- MantisGirl13

Use your moms camara if it is ok, and ask her how things work.  Then practise. I think a camera could be a nice birthday present.

I have some nice pics of my mantids on my camera, but my mom also has three other kids to care for, so she might not get to downloading those pictures to the computer anytime soon!

- MantisGirl13


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