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a variety of things for sale!


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the autistic flower mantis
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May 17, 2009
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Fort Collins, CO
hey folks,
I have a lot to sell right now
Parasphendale agrionina i4-6 nymphs $8e, mated females $30e or all 3 for $75
Creobroter apicalis i3-4 nymphs $7e or 10 for $60
Creobroter urbanus i3-4 nymphs $7e
Sybilla pretiosa i4-5? nymphs $15e or take all 10 or so for $100
Mantis religiosa i2-3 nymphs $9e or 10 for $75
Otomantis scutigera mated females $15e or take both for $25, the first 2 ooths from 1 of the mated females have hatched
Popa spurca subadult pair $30

LAG only with overnight shipping. USPS overnight is about $40, UPS about $45
US only unless it's ooths, which I may have soon

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