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Oct 28, 2009
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I received my Eastern lubbers. They were sent out yesterday in Florida and arrived here today in Pennsylvania! Overnight certainly is the way to go!

All four are in good condition. There is definitely wear and tear on all four of them, but what can you expect? They were wild caught. Voracious little buggers as well, they even eat from my hand... and even try to eat my hand if there isn't something leafy right there, and pretty much try to eat pretty much anything. They are like goat bugs. :3

The one female is absolutely titanic, bigger than I expected! She dwarfs the differential grasshopper I've been keeping for a few days now - comparison photos might be uploaded soon.

I have two males and two females. One of the females was included for free on top of the three that I ordered. Both females are gravid. They are also the most docile grasshoppers I have ever seen... not to mention the largest I've ever seen.

Thank you Sean for giving me the chance to see the biggest grasshopper in the United States, without having to go down to Florida.

Bought some beautiful and healthy isopod specimens. Excellent packaging and great communication. A+

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I just bought some bioactive substrate that was seeded with some Armadillidium Klugii.  It came in great condition with a ton of isopods.  I can't wait to get some more from Acro.  I will definitely be a returning customer

Just had another flawless trade with Acro!  All the pods came in great shape and packing was amazing!  Thank you so much Sean!

Received a good number of duckies from @Acro at a great deal! Despite numerous delays, communication remained good and ultimately I was pleased with my order! :)