Are these mealworms or what?


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Dec 3, 2023
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S. California
Okay, I'm new to all this. I left some BB spikes in a Kritter Keeper with sawdust and dry Cream of Wheat. I stopped trying to hatch them in favor of feeding spikes only. Well now I'm getting two mantis nymphs and the breeder feeds BBFs. So I go get the Kritter Keeper, which has been ignored for WEEKS, and there are a lot of small worms that look a lot like meal worms in there. Also lots of pupae. What do I do with them? Will they hatch at room temperature at this point?
Can you post a picture of them?

If I'm understanding correctly, you bought blue bottle fly spikes/maggots and they've now developed into pupa?
If so, yup! They'll hatch at room temperature. Mine took about a week (roughly) to hatch, and most had emerged after 3 weeks before I got so fed up with them escaping that I called it good and froze the rest.
I bet they are dermestid beetle larvae. These get into some insect breeder’s bins, or they might be put on purpose as a clean up crew.
Thank you for the replies. Some are pupa and there are also little worms there. I am now waiting on the pupa to hatch. What to do with the beetle larvae? I'm assuming I can't feed them to my mantids? I sure hope the pupa hatch soon, as the mantid babies will be here tomorrow. It would be nice if I could get them to eat the spikes! No pic, btw, as my pic are not importing onto my PC for some reason.