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Dec 18, 2004
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Hey everyone, I just went in to check on my mantids, and everything was looking good. Then, I made the mistake of looking at the I. Oratoria's. I had 3 females of Iris Oratoria, and now I have two. I left the superworm in the cage with the female, thinking that she would eat it when she felt comfortable. Well, when I looked in I found that the female was MISSING HER HEAD. I think that she might have tried to catch the superworm, and lost the fight. Then, I looked into the other Oratoria's cage. She was laying an ooth, well thats good. Then I noticed the superworm eating away at the ooth as she was laying it. Do you think the ooth will be OK? All it did was make a small dent in the ooth.


You just put the worms in with the mantis? Hard to believe they actually will go down after it. When I feed worms I just hand feed them or otherwise the mantis won't pay it any attention. Sorry to hear about you losing the one mantis.

not just mantids it seems superworms and crix are equal oppertunity killers. I have lost slings to both, lost a beautiful a. genic to a over zelous crix who just wasnt ready to be a meal. I agree with Leah that its a lesson which breeds caution after you lose an invert to a prey item.

:( bummer-


I've lost baby chameleons to crickets too- the pictures are quite graphic.

yeah, my first mantis was lost to a cricket, although this was my dads fault and not mine (i always feed the mantis on my hand)

Kev 8)


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