Creo mating crisis


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Sep 27, 2016
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Looking for some thoughts on Creobroter (gemmatus I think) fertility.  I've learned again today, the hard way, that even well-fed females are fond of a post-mating snack of male Creo.  I mated two females and two males over a couple weeks.  All involved were two weeks or older.  I fed the females heavily in the 2-3 days prior to mating.  Both females were even eating a fairly decent size dubia roach WHEN the mating began!  Just to be safe.  The males hoped on within a couple minutes and made the connection. Neither females acted agitated or aggressive. I started checking the breeding pairs every 20 minutes or so after 3 hours..  Everything looked good.  Except after the 4th or 5th hour, my visit timing was off and I've found bot females eating their males. Based on their position and location, it looked like they hadn't moved much and got a hold of males as they were dismounting maybe?  Anyhow, lesson learned.  They are SUPER aggressive after mating is done!

What I want to know is if any of you have multiple fertile ooths from one female after one mating. Those were my last two males.  I know one mating is usually all that's required for all remaining ooths, in theory.... but I've heard it can differ from species to species.  Female #1, who mated a little over a week ago, produced an ooth yesterday.  I'm expecting female #2 to follow with her own in another week.  So what's the word?  You think one mating each should do the trick?  No guarantees of course. Just wondering what people have experienced.  Attached a couple pics, just for kicks. Thanks!  🙂 



I have no mating mantis experience (yet) too bad you lost both males.

What I have read it is the best to keeping the female busy with let her eat a big prey during the mating so she will ignore the male. (hopefully) I hope you will get fertile ooths from your females.

Creos are beautiful❤️

One mating is all that is needed to fertilize mantis ootheca. Once a female insect mates she stores the sperm in a special storage place (the spermetheca) where when she lays eggs she will fertilize the eggs. Just some extra info. 😄

But of course a second mating doesn't hurt though it won't necessarily make the ootheca any better, unless the first mating was unsuccessful.

So one mating is usually good for life.  In my experiences with one mating the first ootheca is usually the biggest hatch and subsequent ones are usually not quite as big hatches but that is not necessarily the case in ever mantis. Sometimes the second one can be just as big as the first ootheca.  For me the 3rd or 4th ootheca's tend to be smaller and hatch fewer nymphs.

Good luck with your ootheca! Those are awesome pictures by the way. I love the second picture with the female on top of her ootheca.  Those ootheca look just like Ghost mantis ootheca, how cool!

Thanks guys.  Female # 2 produced an ooth last night.  Not sure if this one is fertile or not given the short lag time between mating and laying, but I'll make sure they're both well fed and ready produce additional ooths in the next couple weeks.  These females are pretty voracious!  Pleasantly surprised at how fun it's been raising smaller species!

Good luck with your ootheca! Those are awesome pictures by the way. I love the second picture with the female on top of her ootheca.  Those ootheca look just like Ghost mantis ootheca, how cool!
I didn’t even notice she was sitting on an ootheca when I first looked at the picture! 

UPDATE - Just watched Creo female #1 produce ooth #2!  I thought I would throw up a couple "just starting" and "just finishing" photos.   Plastic enclosure + water drops sort of dampen the photo quality, but I was glad to have caught it.  I suspected she was getting broody this morning when she rejected a fly (never happens!), so I kept checking her every hour or so.  I also used my phone to record a couple 10 to 20 second videos...but don't know how to drop them into these messages.  Maybe I'll figure that out later.  🤓



Congratulations on the ooth! Your pictures are very clear.

For uploading videos, you could always post to YouTube then add the link here.

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