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Diamonx Jungle carpet Python cross


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Aug 4, 2011
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I very recently acquired a male carpet python that is 50% diamond. I got him to pair with one of my females but he is much smaller than expected and simply can not handle my large female. He is stunning and puppy dog tame. I just stick him around my neck while i clean his cage. He will make an awesome breeder when of age, or just a frickin' awesome pet. He is a Morelia spilota so he may reach lengths of up to 6 feet, but they are never too much to handle. With pure diamonds going for about 1,000+ i figured a 50/50 cross from a sire being a diamond python and dam being a pure jungle carpet python, $225 would be a more than reasonable price. He is very healthy and eats fine. I can provide pictures upon request.

He is very easy to work with and does not have high maintenance as a carpet python, will make a great pet.


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