Disablities & Molting


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Apr 29, 2020
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Northern Idaho
Hi. One of my mantises, a female creobroter gemmatus, is definitely trying to molt. Or at least ready to. She hasn't been eating, her wingbuds are very swollen, and some of her skin has gone white and started sort of coming away - that's happening at the thorax. The problem is - she's missing a couple legs, and I don't think she has the strength to hold herself to the ceiling that way. Yesterday and this morning, I woke up to find her lying on her back at the bottom of her container. This wasn't a problem yesterday, but today when I picked her up, those signs of imminent molting were there, and that worries me.

I'm also wondering if the fact that her abdomen is hanging straight down (she's back on the ceiling of her cage now) is a problem. It seems like the right angle that forms (I can't get a good picture, sorry) would make molting difficult, but then, I'm not sure if she's actively trying to molt right now.

Is there anything I can do to help her?
If she's been eating a lot, then her abdomen is probably just hanging down from gravity (nymphs also like to curl their abdomen's until they get their wings). How's she doing now though?
@The Wolven Sorry it took me so long to reply. . .I didn't think there was any point for a while. Within a few hours, after I first posted my question, she lost her ability to cling and then her ability to stand up. She's dead now.