eggs exposed by feeders!


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the autistic flower mantis
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May 17, 2009
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Fort Collins, CO
hey all
my Deroplatys lobata laid another ooth, but a grasshopper ate into it a bit, exposing a few eggs
should I coat that area with some liquid bandage or nail polish or something to protect it??
I wouldn't use anything especially something that has chemicals in it. I would think the chemicals would poison and burn up the eggs. Just let that part dry out and hopefully it will heal itself.
I’m sure this happens in the wild and the ooth is not a total loss. There’s probably structure in between individual eggs that protects the undamaged ones. I can’t imagine a protective layer would do any harm. The damaged eggs are a loss anyway, and I don’t see the solution flowing into viable areas of the ooth.
Liquid bandage seems like a safe option. I might be inclined to take a little paint brush and dab some white glue on the damaged areas. It’s too viscous to flow into the ooth. Fairly non-toxic too.

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