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Dec 14, 2004
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I am so thankful to know another mantis breeder I can trade/buy mantis and also feeders food with within the city i am living in. The mantis are healthy and received in a very nice set up too. Thank you so much! 

Excellent packaging and service. The mantis looks bright-eyed and healthy upon arrival; you can tell they take good care of their bugs.
umm, is this supposed to be for @fatalmantis ?
if so, I bought some Deroplatys from her. a few deaths, but that's on me for choosing priority shipping. the survivors are GORGEOUS and the packing and communication was great! highly recommend
bought some Otomantis from fatal this week
a few casualties, but I did do 2-day shipping. only word of advice is to add less water to the cups next time! excited to keep these dudes warm and see how quickly they grow!
I did a trade with Fatalmantis not too long ago. I got some H. majuscula from her. H. majuscula is a colorful species that I have been looking for. I was excited to be able to raise these. Thank you Fatalmantis!