Female mantis laid eggs with no protective ooth


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Sep 4, 2016
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Maryland, USA
So I just had a female mantis lay eggs but she did not cover it in the protective ooth layer. There is a tiny section with the foam but the rest she just laid straight eggs. Very strange and I am not sure why she would do that. Is there anything that can be done with the unprotected eggs? Like is there a special setup that can be done? Will they still hatch? Or since they are not protected will they not survive?
I've had this happen with a Creobroter gemmatus from my collection a few years ago. I'm pretty sure it was a dietary issue for my female because I had been feeding her meal worms (which can contain some toxins that aren't the best for mantises). What species was your female? I've only heard of this with mantises that lay 'stick-like' ooths.
It would be interesting for you to try to hatch them. I didn't give my Creo's ooth a chance, so it would be interesting to see. You would also be able to observe the development of the nymphs better. I'm sure the ooth would be more sensitive to environmental conditions.
She's a Panther mantis. I don't think its dietary as she has a good diet. I guess my concern would be the eggs drying out or something but I will try to hatch them. Not sure if anything will come of it though.
And hopefully next ooth she lay's will be normal!