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Dec 28, 2006
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Decided to try Flukers for my cricket needs and if I could get crickets that were not popcicles! I ordered a thousand to start in the 1/2" size and was very surprised when they came a few minutes ago. They were sent overnight, which only cost about 10.00 more than Grubcos that come in two days or three. They were not frozen and look really good. I also ordered mealworms and they look really good. Surprising the price for the crickets were 13.95 where Grubcos are 18.00, Grubcos shipping is a bit lower, but price per price I think Flukers is the better deal. Also delivered by fed ex instead of ups, which gets here early in the day, where as ups is late afternoon! :tt2:

Yep, I have ordered from Fluker's in the past, and they have some of the best crickets around. I do recommend them, but it does get a bit pricey.

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Here is pic of the crickets, look the same!