Found a bunch of stuff today, have some questions


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Dec 18, 2004
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I went out to a new area today to look for critters. Well, here is my prized catch of the day:

(I just noticed the small cut on the millipede when I uploaded the photo on my computer, does anyone know what I can do to help it heal up?)

This millipede is the largest one I have ever found. The biggest ones that I found before this one were about 2 inches, and I thought those were big. Imagine my surprise when I found this sucker. Does anyone know what species it is, and/or how to sex them? I thought that the males had pedipalps, but of the 15 millis that I found none had anything of the sort.



The picture did quite come out as I had planned, but the milli is a little over 3 inches long.

My turtles would love to eat that thing. :D j/k

not sure about species

as for sexing it is to do with the legs, can't remember exactly but near the front(there is an exact section) on one of the sexes a pair of legs are missing.

Search the web, you should come up with something


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