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Feb 15, 2024
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I have been feeding the Chinese Nymphs fruit flies. They have molted a few times and some are bigger than an inch. What is the next size up in food that I should feed them?
Any ideas?
I use my false stable flies, they love em. Yesterday a i3 spider had a fight with one, almost took off with her lolo.
I may end up getting some flies from you in the future Rebecca. Roaches are working for me, but I'm not sure they're the ideal choice. You've got to be real careful not to create little nooks and crannies where the roaches can stay out of reach of the mantises. Like between the inside wall of the enclosure and the mesh netting. Roaches also tend to sit still a lot. No motion, no mantis strike.
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I tried mealworms they just didn't bite. They watched them move but not enough to want them for dinner.
As we continue to play out the movie The One with Jet Li there are 4 left.
i feed roaches in 2 ways,

method 1, crush the head then offer to mantis on tongs. roach will wiggle for a bit which will get the mantis attention, but the movement is no longer well controlled so the roach can't sneak off and bury themselves if you or the mantis drops it. (there's about 15 minutes of decent movement)

method 2, place a small cup in the enclosure (2oz portion cup, or 8oz deli cup) drop the roach into said cup from as high in the enclosure as you can. ussually the initial drop will get the mantis attention, and it will also ussually make the roach start running around the cup looking for a place to hide.
i recommend moths, some of my guys eat waxworms too because their easy to catch but overall their more nutritious and appealing when they have turned into moths. hoppers are also a great feeder, but i dont think their available in the usa. people have recommended dubia roaches too, but they are strong and fast and on occasion can hurt mantids if their too big.

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