Gongylus gongylodes


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one of my pairings



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Looks my males doing great all over the world ;-)

I'm happy with you and love the picture.

Have fun with the new generation


regards and have a nice weekend,


The female is yours no male :)


how much time I have to wait for the ooth?


If the female is older than 14 days, you will get the first ooth tomorrow, I guarantee.

If she is younger, you have to wait till the 14th day of beeing adult.

Of course that is just working with high temperature and lot of food.


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14th day just TODAY!

I have a little problem with the food I have no blue bottle fly I´ll have tomorrow I hope, but can I feed the female with a silkworm? or that's not a good idea?

best regards tier and thank you!!

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I never tryed that food for Gongylus and I never will try.

But there is no problem. Maybe you will have to wait 2-3 more days. No problem at all.


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QUOTE (spawn @ Apr 25 2008, 04:28 AM) I spray the ooths directyl. The first misting sprays away the soft foam around the ooth. I clean the fresh ooth and spray away all soft foam.

Do you mean RIGHT after the ooth is laid? Because I thought if you spray an old ooth with water you run the risk of developing fungal growth and decay?


No, not right after laying. Some days after laying up to ten days later. There will only be fungal growth if you do not ventilate the ooth. If you use a well ventilated box, there never will be fungi on an ooth. You have to make sure the ooth becomes dry again after spraying. If the ooth stays humid some days, there will be mold soon.

Thanks for the clarification. Now I don't look like as much of an idiot :wub:

Hi Nico

As I told you on the windows messenger today, I just love these raptorial forelegs in your last picture.

I'm thinking of getting a similar teleconverter :)



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Thanks for the praise.

sorry Stefan, but this photos was taked without the teleconverter ;)



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Congrats Gurd! Didn't seem like they were to hard to breed. ;)

I cant wait to start breeding these guys, just as soon as I get an ooth that should arrive sometime soon. B)

i thoroughly enjoyed looking through this thread

i cant wait to get my 2 Violin mantids on tuesday :)

what size do they get to roughly


Ryan :)


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