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May 1, 2010
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I have dealt with Carey many times and have come away very satisfied on each occasion. Her feeders are always fresh and brimming with vitality. I especially recommend her meal worms which are big and plump! My mantids love 'em! Plus her prices are very competitive.

In addition she is THE MOST RELIABLE person I've had the pleasure of dealing with. If I need something she is always ready to help me in any way she can, and with all haste.

So if you find yourself in need to feeders, do not hesitate to give either of her sites a try. :)

I was very satisfied. My order took a long time to arrive but that's because the holidays and her having to make more house fly medium. She went out of her way to make some more for me which was awesome! My order came with free house fly pupae! I am very satisfied and will be ordering again!

Yes, Ryan, your order did take WAY too long to get out to you. I was just swamped! But, that's why I included the flies for you. I hope it was satisfactory compensation for the wait!

And as a note to others: If your order is URGENTLY needed (i.e. out of flies & need them ASAP), please just LET ME KNOW, and I will prioritize your order accordingly. (And yes, I will even ship outside of my normal shipping days, IF I know that it's urgent!) ...otherwise, your order will go out the next normal shipping day, as usual.

I do understand what it's like to be in the position of needing something NOW! ;^)

I agree with Precaious, Carey does this all by herself, so I know she has to be very busy, yet she

has saved me when in despirate need and gotten feeders out the same day.

I would never put a memo on Paypal for a rush unless I really meant it!!

I dont know how on earth she does it!! takes care of all her own stock and feeders, family, mailing

boxses!!! She is Wonderwoman!! ;)

P.S. Even if all she did was maintain fly maggots, by the cup load, she would have my respect!

Last edited by a moderator:'re entirely forgetting the reptile business, which is what our primary/legal business "entity" is; Green Oasis Reptiles 100+ Colubrid snakes, some couple/few dozen other species (including, but not limited to: Boas, Pythons, etc.) Leopard geckos, bearded dragons, and of course, giant legless lizards! Oh, and a couple thousand mantises and something like 17 colonies of roaches. ;)

Which is why I sometimes jokingly say to hubby & the kids whenever asked a question while I'm working (which is all the time), "Okay, let me drop what I'm doing and work on YOUR problem!" :p

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Mantis Pets is a Great place to buy Mantids and has a wealth of information for Mantis & Reptile care..Great Folks to deal with- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

I recently ordered one oothecae from Mantis Pets. Not only was it meticulously packaged but to my surprise I got a second ooth for free! It came with care instructions along with a personal card that I thought was a nice touch to everything. Would highly recommend Carey and would definitely buy from her again. Thanks Carey!

I just ordered a Ghost Mantis from Carey and when it got here it was very well packaged, the nymph was healthy, and it came with instructions. I will probably shop at Mantis Pets again!

I've been ordering mantises from these guys for awhile about year now. I've done 3 orders now? Everything has always gone very smoothly and quickly. Mantises come in good shape, disease free, and often with a few flies to hatch in transit and for after they're here which is a really nice touch.

Only wish they had a wider variety available.

Also, the flower power mix is excellent and one shaker lasts quite a long time. Definitely worth it.

I bought my very first mantis from Carey and continue to get buy great feeders from her. Always prompt shipping and excellent packaging.

Despite the holiday slow down at USPS, my feeder order got here in time and alive. I bought bb pupae, hf pupae, and bb spikes. These feeder items were packed with great care to ensure they would survive the cold weather and the holiday mail lag. In fact, they were packed as well as you would expect mantids to be packed. Thanks Carey and a happy, prosperous new year to you.

Just received my large start kit and it was perfect. The box the deli cups came in were smooshed a little but did not effect the cups thanks to packing peanuts. The box my mantis came in was perfect. I was worried my mantis would be too hot but it was placed inside the enclosure along with the other goodies (smart packing!) it even molted on the way. :) Soooooo very happy and I will defintely do business again!

Picked up an R. stalli nymph and a large teachers kit from this site. I included a special message explaining that I needed my package shipped ASAP bc I was planning to use it in a summer class I'm teaching (btw, the mantis was a hit with kids just as expected). Carey responded super quickly and was more than happy to accommodate me. My order was carefully packaged and shipped immediately; the nymph arrived healthy and hungry; and the kit came with all sorts of goodies! I'm extremely pleased with our transaction and would not hesitate to do business with Carey again in the future--thanks!


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