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Dec 27, 2017
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San Antonio, TX
I was looking online for the cheapest place to buy an Exo Terra Mini Tall terrarium (12x12x18) and came across these two sites and Not only did they have the cheapest price for this terrarium I had seen at $66 with "free" shipping, they were both running a 15% off sale so that brought the total down to $56. Both sites were using the same coupon code and listed a lot of the same products using the same pictures & descriptions so I figured they might be branches of the same company. I looked them up on the BB Bureau and they are indeed run by the same person. I was encouraged by the A+ rating so I placed the order for the terrarium and paid with PayPal just in case anything went wrong. I got an email from PayPal stating the money would not be taken from my account until the order processed but Healthypets still immediately processed the payment & took the money from my card within minutes of placing the order. This seemed a little sketchy of them to do but now that they had my money I wanted my terrarium. I got an email the next day stating the terrarium was "backordered" so I called to ask what the wait time would be. The customer service person I talked to was very nice and gave me a timeframe of 10 to 14 days. I didn't need it immediately so I said I would wait. Four days pass and I get another email stating they would have to charge me an extra $42 for shipping! I immediately responded telling them no, I did not want to pay that so please cancel my order and return my money. To their credit, they canceled the order and returned my money the same day. They might be okay for other items, their customer service seems responsive, but this is definitely not the place to buy terrariums....their "free" shipping isn't really free.


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