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Oct 15, 2023
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Norfolk, UK
Hi all,
First questions around heat and humidity.
The temps have dropped here at home and my thermometer tells me the enclosure is between 20-22 degrees which is probably a bit cold. Humidity around 50-55%
When I first set up last week it was more like 24 degrees and 65%.
I got a small 5w heat mat and stuck it to one side of the tank (I'd read that putting it underneath is not recommended as it can dry out the substrate) - however this seems to have zero effect on the internal temperatures. I think I'm just wasting electricity!
Suggestions? I'm not sure if some sort of heat lamp would be too much.
Once that's sorted, if the humidity doesn't come up a bit, would a room humidifier help? A full on misting setup seems overkill for my small 20x20x30 enclosure...
If it's relevant, my little pet seems to spend most of its time hanging around upside down on the mesh roof of the enclosure (annoying as it slides to open!) rather than down on the ground...
Those temperatures are not too bad depending on what species you have of course. If the species you have need higher then low 70s then yes you will want it a bit warmer. What species is it? That will help determine what requirements are needed to keep it healthy.
A small heat lamp could work. But heat lamps, especially ceramic heat ones get quite hot and if your mantis is hanging on the top near it that would be too hot probably. The heating pad is probably working but if the top is open mesh most of the heat might be just escaping the enclosure.

Getting a humidifier is probably not necessary. Is there a substrate in the enclosure? If there is just mist it every other day or so depending on the mantises needs. That should be enough to keep it in good parameters. Also you don't want too much humidity as mold will grow and that can kill mantises quickly.

Mantises love to hang at the top. That's their favorite perching spots. They will not hang out on the bottom as that's just not in their behavior normally. Unless they are hunting.
Thanks for the reply- that's all helpful. I guess it would have been helpful to add the species! It's a Budwing- I got this one as it was suggested to be reasonably "hardy"
It's also good to know they tend to hang around the top (which is indeed mesh, makes sense about heat escaping then!)

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