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Sep 20, 2022
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I’m hoping to understand more about my female Deroplatys Lobata. She is an instar 4 and is suddenly lethargic and not so sure footed. Seems sleepy often. I thought it might be molting time but she recently molted. Then she refused food for 10 days. Recently she has eaten. I’ve been spraying her so I don’t think it’s dehydration. I am including a video taken August 25. It was soon after she became lethargic. I thought she might be dying. She is still hanging in there though. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Hmm.. that’s interesting. I’m new to Deroplatys species so I just assumed it was what I bought. I keep it pretty warm during the day. Like low 80’s and probably upper 60’s to 70 at night.
Woah. That’s helpful. I’ll check that out. DL is doing better for some reason. Still slow, but more lively. I cleaned her home and put the heat up a little too. Looked like a bit of mold on the cover. Hasn’t had a molt since 8/20. Hoping all is ok.
Update. She is back to her normal self. I think maybe she was too cold. Unsure, but she is eating heartily. Still waiting for a molt. Last molt was 8/22.
Thanks cometmoth. What makes you think she looks like truncata? They looks so similar when I see pics. I bought it from Usmantis.