help with giant millipedes!


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Sep 22, 2022
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Sydney, Australia
hello!! im very new to millipedes and have been taking care of a pair for about 2 weeks now. i have recently noticed that at night i only every see one millipede at a time above ground in the enclousure. since i cant tell them apart i dont know if im actually ever seeing both out at different times or just one. this is probably stupid but should i be concerned?? is it normal to not see them out of their burrows for a while even at night? i just want to make sure they r both safe and well ;-; should i be worried about them being crushed by the substrate?? does that happen? because i have noticed one of their burrow holes has closed up.

another quick question while im here - i have occasionally been putting little bits of veggies in there for them and they never touch them. is this normal? most care sheets say to leave them veggies every night but mine dont seem to eat them at all

i know this is quite alot but im very new and probably overthinking it hahah

any advice will be deeply apprieciated!! thank you so much :))
They can stay under for months if molting and long periods if not. Most veggies aren't really a huge motivator, try a piece of watermelon or cantaloupe.

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