Heterochaeta orientalis housing / environmentals


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May 18, 2018
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I have a Heterochaeta sp. on the way and was wondering if a 10 gallon aquarium standing on end vertically (approximately 20x10x13) would be adequate for an L5 to adult. 

Also, I keep getting conflicting information on environmentals. The caresheet here on the forum says 60-80°, others say 85-95°... even up to 100°. Humidity levels seem to be fairly consistent at around 30%. 

I'm getting this as a gift for someone and I want to make sure I get him off to a good start. He fell in love with the species and this would be his first. Of course, I'll always be on call and will be assisting with routine care. 

I'll probably regret buying only one. 😁


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As far as I know they  have a wide range for temperature. My room is ~24C most of the time, and they do great, but I have also seen them being kept with Idolomantis in a communal set up too.

I would not recommend it keeping with Idolos. My Idolos have always eaten one another during a molt. They aren't aggressive but definitely opportunist.


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