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Dec 15, 2004
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Excellent communication and packaging. Package arrived on-time and a tracking number was provided. Would not hesitate to do business with him again!

Just bought a needed male and he even threw in a few extras. Excellent exchange. very happy.

I just did a trade with hierodula. It all went well! He was very nice and was quick to reply to all my questions. I was able to get Darth Vader mantises (Parablepharis kuhlii asiatica) from him, which are a rare species. I got 6 nymphs. He sent an extra Deroplatys truncata nymph, too, so I got 8 of those. Both are beautiful and interesting species! Thank you Lohit Garikipati!
I traded with Hierodula and everything was very well packed and the mantises arrived in good condition. And I even got replacements when one mantis died. He was very informative and answered my questions quickly. Definitely recommend! Very good place to get some interesting and fun mantises.