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Jul 17, 2017
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Hi everyone. Second post here. Yay. 

So i got my first H. coronatus today and just want to know how about nymphs housing. I read a lot about GOOD ventilation and GOOD humidity. How do you guys achieve that? Thanks!!!!

Yes, good ventilation and good humidity are a necessity for this species. What instar do you have? Younger nymphs tend to be a bit more fragile.

For housing, most of us use appropriately sized deli cups with ventilated lids and vents cut in the sides if need be. To add humidity, use peat moss, layers of paper towel, eco earth, cotton, basically anything that will hold water, as substrate. Keep it moist and it will slowly release the water back into the air in the container. 

- MantisGirl13 

when was the mantis mated? have you misted the ooth hope you have good results. I use humidity foam as the substrate needs cleaning

and hides the food.

just use a well ventilated 32oz deli cup. although they do require a relative humid environment don't overdo it or you could cause mold or stuffy air. paper towels at the bottom to help cushion any falls and help with humidity. If its young nymph (L1- L3)  don't overdo the moisture, Hope this helps!   

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