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Jul 28, 2017
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I purchased a mantid with habitat and fruit flies. It came as a kit. It was ordered on 8/26 and received on 8/31. The items were packed very well; everything was included and the mantid and fruit flies in great condition. Shipping costs were more than reasonable. This is a great outfit to do business with. Needless to say I will be ordering more items from them. 

I bought a newly seeded D. melanogaster culture from an eBay seller k-part7, store name Insect sales com (the invoice also says as does the culture itself, pretty sure it is the same company) for $13.99 with free shipping. I ordered it on Jan 7, it was shipped on Jan 8 and I received it on Jan 11 in great condition, all the adult flies were still alive. They were extremely well packed and the heat pack was still warm. They use green plastic netting in the culture, which I had not seen before but it appears to work fine, I can see a good number of maggots already. No mites or mold in the culture. I will probably purchase from them again in the future.



Ordered their vinegaroon pair but one came doa. Contaced them and after working stuff out it came alive, a bit slow because of the cold, but nonetheless alive and seemingly healthy. Altogether okay place to buy from but I’d always recommend to avoid buying and shipping animals through the mail, especially if your temps are below 40. Smooth transaction and fast emails, and despite doa they were willing to reship another one. Will consider doing business with them later on when the weather gets warmer, sort of my failt for ordering with the weather being crazy recently. 

Ordered a Giant Asian Mantis and a fruit fly colony. The shipment was sent with FedEx 2-day and got to me on time and intact. Very professional/careful packing by the way. My mantis was alive and well and actually I just ordered a Deroplatys lobata and another Giant Asian yesterday; they already have shipped my order today! They don't have the largest selection on mantises but then they aren't a mantis only company so can't complain with that one--I just wish they did because they are so quick and cheap with shipping (under $20 for live orders!)

EDIT: So a Deroplatys lobata 's raptor was caught in a fabric strand that came from the lined top of a 32oz container--a real freak thing--so I cut him out of it. His raptor still had a fabric strand that I couldn't remove; he died about a week later. The company sent me a replacement if I covered ($13 FedEx 2 day) shipping. Given the circumstances I think that was really more than fair of them. Just wanted to make this update to show that treats the customer right! (Oh and they have orchids in stock now!) 

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