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Invert Discord Auction


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Aug 31, 2020
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Gooooood afternoon.

Do you have excess? Does your spouse look in your bug room and run shrieking out? Are you spending hours and hours feeding the multitudinous mass of species? Does your hand cramp from updating feed logs, molt dates, and genealogy?

Look No Further!
You are hereby cordially invited to a Discord centered (https://discord.gg/3mb74GF7) invertebrate auction house!

We are currently hosting channels for a wide array of little beasties. We have channels for beetles, mantises, isopods… and more!

We are a self driven community that is growing fast. We offer an organized space for breeders and sellers to host their own auctions.

Check us out. Look at our stuff. Buy some things. You never know. You may suddenly find yourself starting a new Hypogastrura nivicola culture.

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