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Apr 14, 2020
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I purchased 6 ghosts from jaunte and I cant say I have any complaints. they were very friendly, replied quickly, and even sent me an extra ghost. all the ghosts got here just fine, and the packaging was good. I would recommend for sure!
I ordered a bunch of ghosts and communication was prompt, packing was safe (heat / air cell insulation), and everyone arrived healthy, active and are going strong two weeks later. Absolutely someone I will save as a preferred person to work with.
Purchased ghosts from jaunte and received extra. They arrived in great spirits and are doing great. Would def. deal with again.
Just received my little ghouls a few days ago. Received a few extras which was a wonderful surprise and they were very carefully packaged. So far everyone’s doing well and they’re absolutely beautiful specimens in a few different colors. I’m super happy with the communication, friendliness, and overall easy/prompt process I had with the seller. Many thanks!
Ghosts from jaunte just arrived today! All healthy and alert with extras and food in there so they had snacks on the road!
Great breeder would recommend.
Made a trade with Jaunte a few days ago, and I have nothing but positive things to say. He sent me two beautiful ghost ooths (larger than I was expecting) and he is very understanding and easy to talk to.

This morning the first of the ooths I got from Jaunte hatched there are 40+ nymphs, and I am so happy. Will 100% purchase from him again.
If you are looking for beautiful and healthy ghosts, look no further than Jaunte. He is extremely helpful and is always open to questions, giving informed and thoughtful responses. I ordered five ghosts and he gave me an extra one! When I opened the package today I couldn’t get over how much care was given to ensure a safe journey with use of air cell isolation and a heat pack. My ghosts were well-fed, hydrated and active! I’m so happy with this transaction and I’m looking forward to more of them in the future!


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