Keeping mantids with stick insects? (Eurycantha calcarata, specifically)


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Jan 28, 2024
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Hi there! This is just an idea I have, but I’m definitely not committed yet. So far, I’ve asked an experienced mantis owner, and two mantis-keeping staff at an invertebrates shop, and they all say it should work out fine, but I’d like to hear what you guys think.

So I’m getting some giant spiny stick insects soon, and I’ve been told it can be really difficult to find eggs as they blend right into the dirt, so many nymphs have to often be frozen to prevent overpopulation. It’ll be pretty upsetting to do that, but if I have to, then I will. However, I was thinking that perhaps having a mantis in there might make things easier, as I think it wouldn’t be able to hurt the adults, but could definitely eat some of the babies. I’m also planning to also include some springtails and isopods to eat dead leaves, poo, and so on.

Does it sound like this could work out? Eurycantha calcarata grow pretty big - I’m hoping they would be too big for a mantis to attempt to take on? Maybe if I got a smaller species of mantis? I haven’t had mantids before so I’m not an expert, and I wouldn’t want to put one in constant danger. The enclosure will be an Exoterra Small/Tall Natural Terrarium, so there will be lots of space at least.

So, could it work at all? Or too risky?
Thanks :)
i like the idea but i wouldnt risk it, as someone who keeps mantids and giant spiny stick insects it would be very risky. the stick insects are very large and clumsy and could easily trample the mantis by accident, or (depending on the mantis) mistake it as food, not to mention i have seen mantids take on reptiles and other insects three times their size, it just doesnt seem like a good idea and i dont recommend it.

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