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WHY ON EARTH CAN I SUCCESSFULLY GROW Nepenthes and Vanda in dry-AF Colorado but they always died on me in RI?! especially since i am an under-waterer not an over-waterer
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I am trying to breed my cresties, but the males aren't that interested in mating with the females, but will gladly mount each other. but the season is just starting. I'll try again in a few weeks
I just rehoused my Stromatopelma calceatum sling and it was semi-stressful. I used a technique I saw on YouTube, but it operates under the assumption that the tarantula is at the bottom of the initial enclosure. This guy's been hanging out up near the lid pretty much from day one. Eventually I cajoled him down to the bottom, but it was awkward and tedious. I more or less buried him in substrate at one point.
I cut a square hole in the lid of the new enclosure, and plugged some high-density foam rubber into the opening. It would make feeding easier, instead of untwisting the top. (Always ruins his web.). I know mantises can’t gnaw through foam, but what about tarantulas?


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