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Sep 2, 2006
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Bronx New York USA
I just received my first order of net cages from There prices are fantastic, and so is there service. I recieved my net cages the very next day after placing my order. I'm very happy with this transaction. I will be doing bussiness with them again.



I've ordered twice in the past from Chris, and have meant to put a feedback here for him (but have neglected to until today). The net cages he sells are the best. I'd ordered a few from elsewhere before ordering his, and they don't even compare... these Castle cages are much better. His prices are also the best I've found anywhere on the web for anything even comparable. Chris is extremely personable, helpful, knowledgeable about the product, and makes ordering a breeze, whether by phone or email. He gets right on it too... extremely prompt in getting your order out and shipped to you. Overall, has been an excellent company with which to do business. I highly reommend his service, and have no doubt I will deal with him again when/if I need more net cages. ;)

Becky Heacox

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Why didn't I do this years ago? Ordered three of the 12" net cages. They arrived quickly. These things are great! High quality with one clear vinyl side that I will use as the bottom. They even included info and milkweed seeds to help with the monarch. I will plant the seeds in the spring. Will order from again.

Christopher is among the most professional hobby suppliers I've ever dealt with. He's dedicated to the bugs and a cause on top of it! His screened cages have come in very handy for me on multiple occasions and with various bugs, including my recent trip to Arizona. They collapse down to almost nothing, but hold a lot of bugs when opened up. Easy to clean, durable and very affordable.

There's my two cents...

I just purchased another set of net cages from them. There net cages are deffently top notch! $8.00 per 12'x12' net cage is the best price i have seen yet! I will deffently be buying from them again! Very satisfied over all! :)

just got my cages and they rock. really cheap but not cheaply made ;) btw the 24", 24", 36" is really really big!

I ordered 2 milkweed plants from them. In the summer i had 50+ caterpillars and they all flew away as happy butterflies. Then my milkweeds produced seed pods and they "exploded" with seeds that flew every where with the wind. Every year the butterflies return and its so much fun to watch them lay eggs. The 2 milkweeds I bought are now very tall! I am so pleased with the plants and the transaction!


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