Looking to get into breeding. Any tips or things I should consider when getting started?


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Apr 17, 2017
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United States
Finally coming back to this community after several years. I've been interested in breeding since I first got into the hobby, but as a teen at the time living at home, it wasn't really an option. I'm in a good spot now where I'm able to get a decent setup going, so I figure why wait!

The first thing I'm on the fence about- what's a good first species to breed? My mind immediately goes to sphodromantis lineola, since those guys are pretty hardy and were a delight to keep when I had a couple, but maybe there's a better option. I guess the second thing to worry about is what exactly do I need? I figure a good bit of shelving, comfy homes for at least two adults, enough space and enclosures for the maximum expected number of nymphs, and a consistent food supply. Shelves will be simple enough to find, and my local pet store sells both fruit flies and dubia roaches, so I think I'm good there. I'll need to do some testing in the space I have set aside to see if I really need to invest in a bunch of heat support, but if I do then I do.