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Dec 28, 2006
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I did a deal with this person and should of known better, I am to trusting, saying that , never again. I believe it is a she and she sent me a tiny ooth that looks like it is old. I am sure it wont hatch. She hasn't answered my message and it's been a couple weeks. 

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I think this is the correct thread?

Mandi in Massachusetts?

I bought some feeders and containers from her and they arrived today along with a female Sphodromantis. The mantis is in great shape, my only critique is that she packed the feeder flies in a little plastic bag and it was under the containers. This caused a slight bit of mortality to the fly pupae (not too much, only a few deaths), but other than that everything was great!! :)  

I have worked with Mandi several times, purchased from her, and done breeding collabs. She’s very professional, friendly, and well educated in all the species she keeps. I’ve never had any issue with ordering from her. The communication is great, and everything is always packaged with care.