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Apr 18, 2024
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Hello everyone! I garden a lot, and do not use pesticides; mostly organic fruits, herbs, and veggies. I have released mantids in the past for pest control. Was wondering, what FL species would be good to add to the yard? Pest control and just to have around, always nice to find a mantis when checking on plants and picking fresh fruit. Thanks for ideas!
I recommend Stagmomantis carolina. Chinese mantis are not great for the garden. I wish people would stop releasing Tenodera for pest control. They are a bigger threat to your pollinators than the smaller Stagmomantis species. Tenodera are great for pets... not for the garden.
Thank you Synapze! That's exactly the kind of info and advice I am looking for.

Also, interested in native mantids even if not great for pest control. Oak tree in the front could use some gonatista grisea =)
We supposedly have lots of Gonatista here, but I've never found a single one. We have lots of lichen and oak trees and their camouflage is almost perfect.
i agree with synapze, stagmo carolina. ooths are cheap, or if you know were to find them. i have luck in key Biscayne
theres a cool app called iNaturalist, might find my sightings there lol

its at Virginia Key North Point Trails. at the location below. Right where the bike trail starts. its $8 to get into that area.