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Oct 26, 2012
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McHenry Illinois
Just received my order. Fantastic packaging,fast delivery, lots of extras. All arrived alive and really healthy. Thank you :)

Package received with all live and healthy mantis in excellent packaging and material. Each mantis was in its own container, nicely labeled. Definitely shows the great care he put into them. Great communication and very nice guy. Thank you very much!

Outstanding! Very good packing and lots of extras. Also bonus mantis. I will be trading or buying again. A++++ Thank you!

I made a trade with Mantis Monarch and all I can say is... WOOOOOOW!!!

I traded off my L5 Malaysian Deadleaf male for an Asian Green nymph. Communication and shipment were both golden and arrived with 4 extra heads?! Wow! Sent 2pairs of budwings...

A really generous member of the community that goes above ones expectations, your good deed wont go unrewarded. ^_^

Recieved my order yesterday and the packaging was GREAT! Also... They included 3 free budwings! I AM BLOWN AWAY!!! A+++++!

Bought two Parasphendale Agrionina (Budwing mantis), one adult female and one adult male. I opened the package and I was first greeted by the two mantises I bought. Further digging into the package and I was greeted with 3 more Budwing nymphs! One female, and two males.

Females on the left, males on the right.


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I ordered a sexed pair of ghost mantis L3s from monarch. They were busy with lots of things, so he couldn't get back to me often, but when he could, he was extremely helpful and answered any questions. I got my package today, and my four mantids are absolutely STUNNING (he included two free budwing nymphs. Packaging was great. My female ghost molted to L4 not even an hour after getting home. Glad she didn't molt in transit, but with the packaging, she would've been just fine. My budwing and male ghost gladly took houseflies within hours, the other two have yet to eat, but that's understandable, this can be quite stressful for them. All in all, mantis monarch gets a 9.8/10 from me. I see more business with him in the future and recommended him to a friend of mine who is interested in the mantis hobby.

I ordered five nymphs and an ooth from Mantis Monarch, and his communication was absolutely perfect. All mantids arrived happy and healthy! He even included THREE EXTRAS! Definitely a quality breeder, and I 100% recommend. A++++++

I ordered 5 Budwings from Mantis Monarch and I'm EXTREMELY pleased with my transaction! Great communication (quick, friendly responses + offers for advice on aftercare); fast, reasonable shipping; mantids were meticulously packaged and labeled (with sex, as well as ideal temperature and humidity info), and all arrived healthy, big, beautiful, and ravenously hungry; and I received loads of freebies. This was a wonderful first experience purchasing mantids off the forum, and I'll definitely look to do more business with Mantis Monarch in the future! Thanks so much!

I've bought nymphs or ooths from many of the breeders on the forum, and with one rare exception, all have been great. However, Mantis Monarch truly stands out as one of the absolute BEST to deal with. This was my second purchase from him and I ordered a M. binotata ooth. I received the well packaged ooth--along with a second free ooth, plus several free nymphs--quickly and and with everything meticulously labeled and in great health (3 nymphs molted in transit but all survived, without even a scratch). On top of that, MM basically wrote a care sheet's worth of helpful info for me, and responded to any and all of my annoying questions quickly and in exquisite detail. You easily can tell he's one of the breeders who's definitely in it for the love of the hobby and not at all to make money (in fact, I'm sure he lost money with insanely low cost of everything I received plus the minute shipping charge). I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again, and indeed I'll be keeping an eye on the forum in the hope that he'll have something else interesting on offer in the near future. THANK YOU!!

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Got my first Mantids from Mantis Monarch today 3 Phyllocrania paradoxa gost mantids they arrived alert and healthy.Plus also received 2 Miomantis binotata that were included extra. ( thanks) This was totaly positive transaction. Great packing got what I ordered in a timely fashion couldn't ask for a better transaction then also got two extras. Today is a good day. :)

Received my order of Ghosts in perfect shape, my experience with M Monarch was great, replied to my messages in a timely manner, very well packed and no issues at all. Thanks again

To add to this thread:

I purchased a pair of budwings from Mantis Monarch. Professional communication, he had the last molt dates. And he ended up sending an EXTRA pair of budwings AND some T. sinensis nymphs! I would definitely deal with Mantis Monarch again as it was a great experience and I'm happy to have my mantids! Happy thanksgiving guys!

Pair of budwings and pinstripes came in today along with an extra pair of pinstripes and chinese mantis nymphs. Packing was excellent, mantises all look good, I look forward to more transactions with this seller.

Ordered two male P. paradoxa from Mantis Monarch last week. Communication was great and the seller shipped out the bugs on the promised day. Unfortunately USPS screwed up and delayed my package but thanks to the excellent packaging both nymphs arrived alive in great condition. He even generously included H. patellifera nymphs for freebies and they all came alive too so I'm really satisfied with my order :) Will definitely do business again with him!

On a side note he added various infos about the specimens he sold me such as the DOB, temperature they were kept in, etc... which shows how affectionate he is toward his pets :)

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I ordered two ghost mantis pairs shipped via express!

They arrived safe and sound even after usps made a mistake and delayed delivery! He included extras and exceeded my expectations so thank you and I will be doing business with you again

Excellent first transaction with him! He is very helpful with lots of knowledge, he updates you on everything that is happening, and he really really satisfied me. Although I was worried it didn't come as expected, everything came GREAT! He even labeled my mantids the species name, it's phenotype (description; ex: adult male), when it last molted, and some tips and advice! He added extras too which was definitely really kind of him. The female budwing is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks MM. Very smooth transaction A+++++ 

Another great transaction mantids arrived  in great condition they are livly and very alert. Packing was great and everything labeled was alerted by Mantis Monarch when order was mailed with tracking number. Flawless transaction again.? ? 

I ordered 6 ghost nymphs from him and was surprised to find two extra individuals shipped with my order. Each mantis was in its own container labeled with its molt and date. Almost instant replies and extremely professional communication, and thorough to the point of providing care tips and feeding info in some of the messages. I am incredibly impressed and thankful for having such a great person in this community, and will definitely buy from him again.

Thanks Mantis Monarch!