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agent A

the autistic flower mantis
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May 17, 2009
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Fort Collins, CO
hey all

sadly I must edit my feedback for MrGhostMantis

so I ordered 10 Heteropoda and some ooths of Stagmomantis wheeleri from MrGhostMantis a few weeks ago

he was initially very forthcoming about issues with getting the shipment together, although he seemed to have excuse after excuse for delaying shipping

the mantises and their ooths arrived fine, but sadly only 1 of the spiders arrived alive

he said he would replace the order with some various things including a mated Stagmomantis limbata, but then went on a rant about the minor things he doesn't like about me on discord before blocking me. I do not think I will be getting my money back. I would be careful with this person

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