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The Wolven

bug-cats or cat-bugs? That is the real question.
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Oct 18, 2021
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Midwest US
Alright, since I figured she didn't have a feedback thread, I decide to make one! I got bought a ghost mantis from her for $5 and then got three extra because she had so many. They all arrived safely and were packaged quite nicely as well. She was kind enough to add a high pack for free after we discussed what kind of what I had all well. In my experience, she does hold orders if there is any sort of holiday. Anything that would either endanger the mantis or be sure to cause a delay. It was a delight to purchase from her and I will happily do so in the future.
Bought six ghost mantid nymphs from MystyMantis for my bioactive fern terrarium. I also received 2 extras with them a few days ago. She packed them very well, one even molted on the way here. They are absolutely loving my terrarium, happily gorging themselves on fruitflies and small isopods. She was also very informative and helpful with any questions I had. Would definitely recommend.


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I bought some ghost nymphs from Sarah and they arrived in good condition. I mean a few were a little skinny but I think they were freshly molted, nothing I can't take care of here
highly recommended
Bought an adult male and 2 ooths 2-3 weeks back and the package was delayed however everything came in perfect condition. Male bred with my female 2 days after he arrived and the ooths look good. Will post once they hatch. 10/10 will be purchasing again!
If you want healthy mantises, great deals, and a very nice person to talk to, look no farther than Sarah. She is an awesome breeder, and I am more than happy that I got to do a trade with her. Although we had a minor hold up with shipping, everything arrived in great condition. She even included an extra male which was really helpful for the breeding I’ll be doing over the weekend. I hope to work out more deals with Mysty. Thank you so much Sarah!!! Keep your eyes out for some of her beauties on the Phyllocrania photo thread 😉

Thanks again,

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