Newbie questions on breeding orchids


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Jun 9, 2020
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I have an adult female orchid who moulted to adult about 4 weeks ago, and a male who moulted to adult about 4 days ago. As I was thinking about getting an adult male to try and breed the female, this feels like a sign! From reading up on it, the general advice is to wait for a month after the female has moulted and two weeks for the male, and make sure the female is well fed before putting the male in to get his groove on. 😅 

Anything else to bear in mind? Is there any way to know when they’re ready to mate, and what are the chances of success?

Sometimes males need as little as a week or as much as 3 weeks to mate. Each one is different. Females, I personally like to wait 4-6 weeks before making any mating attempts. Also, try to feed her honeybees, moths, and roaches that have a diet consisting of bee pollen. Bee pollen and honeybees help A LOT in getting orchid females to lay ooths, a common problem that exists in female orchids. This also seems to help enhance ooth fertility as well. Another thing is to keep the orchid female living on a live pothos plant or something similar, as female orchids tend to like laying their oothecae on broad, leafy live plants. 


I put my male in with the female yesterday and he got busy 😁 so I’ve got my fingers crossed for an ootheca. 

Does it help to give her lots of food, or pure honey as a substitute for bees? And what sort of time does it take for her to lay an ooth and for it to hatch?

3 weeks and counting. 

 I don’t know if she’s developing eggs or just been eating a lot, any thoughts?



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