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Feb 9, 2021
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So having received a Ghost Mantis Ooth via mail order, I'm wondering how long it might have survived adverse temperature conditions. I wasn't too concerned when I placed the order as I was expecting the delivery to take only 4 to 6 days, and I thought that might be tolerable, instead because of postal delays it spent 15 days (and I am only guessing here) in sub 8°c (46°f) temps. Considering anything from 22-30°c (71-86°f) is deemed acceptable for Ghosts,  I wonder is the Ooth still viable or am I flogging a dead horse? It is currently incubating at 27°c (80°f).

Any advice much appreciated,


I'd still give it a chance.

What makes you think that it spent 15 days time at sub 8°? I'd like to think the temperature inside postal facilities would be more regulated.  

I miss the good old days of 2-3 day delivery. 😢

Hi Synapze, I'm only guessing at those temperatures as current conditions in it's country of origin range from  -5°c to 4°c, and again guessing commercial transport vehicles/warehouse temps most likely not above 10°c. Since it's arrival in Ireland temps have been between 0°c and 10°c, and guessing warehouse temps over the weekend haven't been that warm either. Just accounting for worse case scenario I suppose.

Will give it a few weeks anyway, and keep my fingers crossed, see what happens.


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