Pill millipedes


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I've bred some small ones but I'd suggest a neat isopod rather than wasting a lot of time and money to fail. The biggest and cheapest large Armadillidium currently available at a decent price is granulatum.

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I've tried the small ones a couple times... failed miserably! !
I have had success with the Glomeris pustulata that I got from Orin.  I give them a wide selection of moss for them to eat the soil from.  Then I toss the moss in one of my Millie bins for the millipede to eat.  I had my first batch of babies last year.  


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They have some really neat Zephronia siamensis labeled as Hyleoglomeris and some Hyleoglomeris labeled as Hyleoglomeris. My bank account took a hit.
Underground Reptiles gets a bad rap on Dendroboards Orin. Have your experiences been otherwise?
Sphaerotheriid pills just always die, you could blame a company for carrying them but if you really want to see them they're like cut flowers. People don't bad talk flower shops usually.

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