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Jan 13, 2024
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Bullhead city
I’ve been raising praying mantis for about 2 years, not long. Usually I would just keep one from the wild. I purchased my mantis this last time they sent 3 incase of death by mail. I would love to mate the 2 I have and I understand the section on their belly thing but when I count I see 7 but others say only 5-6 one is much smaller diffrent wings and the smaller one can fly, the big fatty won’t even stretch her wings. There’s nearly nothing on the Internet about braiding either the only thing you can find on the Internet is about how the female eats the males head and that’s all and I’m get so sick of it. From my English research paper I am doing it on praying mantises. Can anyone point me in the direction where I can learn more


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If you do it right they don't eat the male. You give them space in a large screen cage and watch closely to separate if attack (you can be too late with one bite though). You can try night time intro but not sure how well that works.

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