Rainbow Mealworms Collaboration!


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The Wolven

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Oct 18, 2021
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Alright so I'm linking my Instagram because dear Lord I am not messing with this site's image features.

I was lucky enough to be able to do a collaboration with a small business down in California called Rainbow Mealworms. I know some of you guys have probably heard of them and maybe even purchased from them. We did this collaboration to show the hobby the feeder insects they have available. They have a large variety available including bluebottle fly spikes, lobster roaches, dubia roaches, red runners, banded crickets, and black soldier fly larvae! Their bluebottle fly spikes are sold in 250 counts for $6 which is CHEAP. These are also Calliphora vomitoria so these are big flies we're talking. I love getting my bottleflies from these guys and so far they're the only people I know of who sell Calliphora vomitoria for such a good price. A person can easily ration out the spikes because they last a month in the fridge compared to pupae.

Banded crickets are also safe for your mantis. They're resistant to the diseases/protists the regular house cricket carries and as long their set up is kept clean/sterlized, you're good to go! I'll let the Instagram post speak for itself. : )