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I consistently buy from Rainbow Mealworms, and they are a joy to work with
they have really great prices on large blue bottle fly pupae, fairly decent ff cultures (ok sometimes with mites but we all have mites in our cultures), and really healthy mealworms and such. plus, they have a points system where each purchase earns you potential discounts on future purchases. I highly recommend them!
I had mentioned my failed Shelfordella lateralis colony on another thread. I decided to give them another try with stock from Rainbow Mealworms. They were super pleasant during the whole ordering/shipping process. The roaches arrived happy and healthy, and Rainbow Mealworms included two extra containers of Repashy Bug Burger. I had only ordered one container, not three. Now if I can just keep this batch of lats alive. :confused:
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Have been buying from Rainbow Mealworms for several years. They are the greatest! Best quality feeders, really wonderful people work there. Highly recommended!!

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