Republican or Democrat


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Now here's a recipe for disaster! :wink: This is one of two discussions that I try to avoid in convorsations. The other is religion. Eventually someone always gets mad. Participate if you dare! Peace everyone! 8)

About those jib jab things, I have already seen all of them, but do you know any other sites like that, I saw a funny one a while ago that was about Sadam doing Rap!

lol whered u see that? can u tell me the site adress of saddam doing rap? lol


I am a conservative liberal.....oh wait, maybe I'm a liberal conservative?

Must I be one or the other?

I remember years back when you could call yourself a moderate, but I guess in today's political situation your supposed to be one or the other eh?

Just pick liberal then, it doesn't matter, I will send you a virus anyway.

And spam.

And a worm.

And a roach.

There, enough food to feed your mantis for weeks, now where was I?

Oh yes, pick what you voted for this last election. Now, it is called indecisive.

Well, if you want higher taxes, then your a liberal. If you want lower taxes, then youre a conservative. Thats a way to tell what you are. lol :lol:

I am really neither. Did I mention I hate politics?

That will be quite enough of this nonsense. Consider this a warning. I dont appreciate the virus threats on here either.

Lol, he was just joking about the virus thing.

Are you saying that you dont want anymore posts on this thread? I dont see any need for that.




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