Rules for Posting Care Sheets. Please Read!


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Jan 14, 2013
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Description and Rules of the Forum. Please Read Before Posting!
  • One care sheet per species/topic. Duplicates will be deleted.
  • Care sheets should closely follow the template provided by the forum moderation team.
  • Only those who have kept a species through one generation may post a care sheet.
  • Only those able to provide the majority of information listed in the template may post a care sheet.
  • Care sheets containing major grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors will be edited.
  • Each care sheet will remain a work in progress. Moderators reserve the right to edit, add, or delete information contained within. If a member disagrees with a revision, that member's case may be made via private message.
  • Suggestions concerning the content of an existing care sheet may be submitted to a moderator via private message. Members will receive credit for their contributions.
  • As long as they remain species specific, care sheets may contain brief anecdotes, links to topics posted elsewhere (Mantid Forum only), and pictures.
  • Members are encouraged to use good judgment when posting.
  • Caveat: there is a wide range of variation in much of these areas. Hobbyists need to know the basics of a species, but also that little is concrete. Hobbyists must find what works best for them and their given situation.
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