Scorpion stung


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Nov 1, 2022
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So today while collecting I got stung by a Florida bark scorpion, its hurts but not that bad. So does anyone have any good sting or bite stories?
I've been bitten by some monster centipedes but so far never by a scorpion. The worst so far was by a Polistes wasp under my nose between the nostrils. Had a yellow jacket nest in the basement and cemented the outside, spent weeks sweeping up them as they flew around the basement and only one massive queen (many many times the size of a normal one) got me on a dive bomb, but a sting on the hand was pretty unimpressive.
I was out in the field hunting for mantids, and I walked deep into this big mowed field in RI (called 5 acre field, but I call it FAF in text lingo and people sometimes think I meant to type "fap" and am just TMI-ing them). As I was walking towards the center, I noted a short rose bush with a bald faced hornet nest. I kept a far distance from it, but because I have really bad ADHD, I walked DIRECTLY into it on my way back to the research buildings. I got about 30 stings all over my shins and butt. Not a fun day!

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