show a pic of your work and explain it!!


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the autistic flower mantis
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May 17, 2009
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Fort Collins, CO

so I work as a PhD student and one of my studies is on the effect of plant domestication on tritrophic interactions
for the system, I wanted to compare the cultivated Brassica oleracea with a wild Brassica species. I don't trust "wild type" B. oleracea to actually be wild type, so I wanted to get a closely related wild species
so, naturally, I went to the NCBI taxonomy browser, selected the 5.8S rRNA DNA strands from the various Brassica species, made an allignment, loaded it into RAXmL, and then generated that phylogenetic tree :)
My brain died at "so...".

This does look amazing though. I just wish I understand the data better since I have a good while before I actually learn about this stuff in college. I'm just worried about re-taking my Pre-Calc class. : (

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