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mister B

Feb 1, 2012
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Irvine, CA, USA
Ordered 5 x Callibia diana from Matthew, not a common species here in the US so was admittedly a bit nervous with the purchase.  Animals were packaged well and arrived active and healthy, and what an interesting species!  Very excited to work with these, can’t thank Matthew enough for the smooth transaction!

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Ordered 4 Callibia Diana, and all went smoothly -- they were well-packaged and arrived healthy and in good condition. Will do business with David again in the near future, I hope!

BEWARE THIS SELLER -- SIDODAREOHC -- Actual name and contact info:

Matthew Nochisaki

[email protected]


After an initial transaction that was successful, I ordered more mantids on January 12. Initially there was decent contact, and he promised I would receive the mantids at end of January. Then he went silent. I contacted him many times through MantidForum requesting a status update through February. No response. I finally requested a refund using Paypal contact information. Still no response. Lost ~$200. Paypal won't refund because it was not a transaction with a business.  


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