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Dec 15, 2004
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[SIZE=14.1666660308838px]Received a package which was expertly packed. Package arrived quickly and communication was always rapid. Would not hesitate to do business with again. [/SIZE]

I received a pair of chinese all healthy and happy even though they had to stay at the post office an extra day. Great communication! Will definitely look forward to doing business again! Great packaging, A+

Just an update on my chinese pair. After successfuly mating the female twice she did have him for dinner, I tried to rescue him but she had him pretty good.

She has laid 4 ooths to date, she is doing fantastic and is happy and healthy.

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I received a pair of Orthodera novaezealandiae. Despite USPS completely dropping the ball in delivering what was supposed to be a two-day shipment, the package arrived safe and with both occupants alive and well. He offered to compensate if anything happened to the mantids even though it wasn't his fault. Expertly packed and responded to messages with prudence. Would definitely do business with him again and recommend him to anyone!

Made a deal with soundspawn; great communication, fast shipping and all the critters are in good conditions! Will not hesitate to do business with him again.

All I can really say is WOW. Sums up my transaction.

Perfect specimen, shipped great, fast communication. Will be much loved by the area children as my mantis is for display at our museum. Hope to have many more in the future. Make sure to get your mantis from soundspawn.

Got my order yesterday... Excellent communicator.. willing to offer help or advice..

Such a generous person.. a great representative of the hobby..

Everything was packed perfect.. shipped fast, labeled everything...

plus bonus.. he was having a buy 1 get one free sale on his budwings.. that he did not tell me about until they arrived... awesome surprise.. I was ready for 100's of bud wings.. but the ooths I ordered were duds & parasitic wasps... So he sent me some to observe..

I would highly recommend him as a breeder, and I will be ordering again real soon..

Thanks for everything.. and a shout out to Kat .. she does a really good job too!

Thanks everyone! For those who don't know, Kat is my wife and equal partner in the hobby. Fun fact, she too has an account here but has only ever lurked :p


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Ross and kat have been so good to me. I really cant thank them enough.

Very recommended to anyone in the hobby.

Received some mantids from soundspawn and they are doing great. Ran into a minor issue and they were happy to help me out. Highly recommended! :)

Best mantis seller ever. be confident when you purchase from him that you will get a quality, healthy critter. I have 4 of his mantis so far. Buy your bugs here.


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