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Still have Hierodula venosa For Sale


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Sep 13, 2011
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North Carolina
Hello. I had a couple more ooths of Hierodula venosa hatch out recently. They are still L1, so I will have to wait a few weeks before they turn L2 and fattened up to ship. The Hierodula venosa are $8 each, or $6 each if you buy 4 or more, or $4 if you buy 10 or more, or $3 each if you buy 20 or more.

This strain of Hierodula venosa that I have doesn't seem to have the golden form. It is a greenish colour with a hint of teal. Here is a video to show what they look like. They aren't all that big either. The Giant Asian mantises (Hierodula membranacaea) are a good bit larger.

The weather is hot right now in some areas, so I may not ship if it is too hot (like in the upper 90F or 100F). I can guarantee live arrival with 2-3 day Priority mail. But you will have to pay for shipping for any replacements. Or I can refund for any dead on arrival. I will need a video of any that die on arrival in the container they were shipped in as proof of how they arrived for the live arrival guarantee.